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The Damage is happening now! Time to armor up with Paint Protection Film by Icon Tinting and Graphic

Icon Tinting and Graphics Paint Protection Film

Tis the season for safety on our slippery roads. This unfortunately means

loads of rock dumped on the streets to give us traction. This may aid us in the icy conditions but once all that ice melts we are left with some seriously rocky streets.

Driving home the other day, the kids laughing in the back to Toy Story blaring through the entertainment screens and all I could hear was the obscene amount of rocks pelting off my vehicle. Ting, ting and bang over and over again reminding me the worth of my Paint Protection Film. It made me wonder, how many people are unprotected driving in these conditions. Are they aware of the damage being caused to their vehicles and if they are do they know there is a solution?

Every rock that hits your vehicle whether it is a ting or a bang is doing damage to your paint. At this point there is so much rock debris on the road that it sounds like the high point of popcorn in the microwave and you can’t help but cringe knowing your vehicles beauty is being chipped away at. You can help protect your vehicle with Paint Protection Film. There are numerous coverage options that will fit your needs and budget it is worth looking into to preserving your investment for years to come.

If the sound of all those rocks damaging your vehicle makes you cringe as well it is time to armor up with Paint Protection Film.

Protect your vehicle today by calling Icon Tinting and Graphics to get a quote or check out our Paint Protection Film page to view coverage options, prices and images for your vehicle.

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