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Paint Protection Film Care

Although Paint Protection Film is low maintenance it is recommended to provide it a little tender loving care. We recommend waxing your Paint Protection Film every 1-3 months depending on your level of care for the film preservation. This helps keep the film clean and nourished aiding in it keeping its crystal clear appearance and elasticity. At Icon we provide a complimentary first maintenance wax for all customers that have paint protection film installed by us.  If you prefer to do it yourself use a wax recommended for Paint Protection Film something gentle and non-abrasive. We also carry a Paint Protection Film Maintenance and Care kit with our recommended wax and applicator that may be purchased at our shop. Call us today to book in your Paint Protection Film Maintenance Waxing and help preserve your investment with a little extra care.

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Window Tint Film Care

Window Film can be cleaned with any natural non-chemical glass cleaner. As simple as Vinegar and water. Nothing abrasive or containing chemicals. At Icon we use a 3M Glass Cleaner. It quickly dissolves and cuts through dirt, smudges and bug splatter to reveal crystal clear windows. This special formula works fast to soften stubborn residue so that you can easily wipe it away transforming grimy looking automotive glass. Far superior to glass cleaner you typically find at the grocery store for household use. 3M Glass Cleaner delivers intense cleaning action to tackle the stuck on grime that automobile glass often encounters and is safe to use on tinted windows.  


Graphic and Vinyl Wrap Care

Be cautious when using a pressure washer on your Graphics. Keep pressure washer at least 30cm from surface to prevent the pressure from lifting the vinyl. When using a snow brush be mindful not to  apply too much pressure resulting in scratches on the vinyl. A helpful tip is to place a sock over your snow brush to help in preventing scratches.
If you have decaling on your windows do not 
use a ice scraper. 

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