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Mobile Paint Protection vs Shop Installations....

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Being in the industry I am aware of the benefits of Shop installations versus a Mobile installation so I wanted to take the opportunity to share those thoughts with you.

A mobile installation can seem very appealing for its convenience, but lets talk about the pros and cons so that anyone not familiar with the process has more information to base this discussion from.

A mobile installation benefit is for the most part the convenience in my opinion. The option sounds so easy and time saving which can be true but in a world built on fast and convenient we are no strangers to the quality that comes with fast and convenient. All the benefits of an shop installation are all the inconveniences of a mobile installation and all the benefits of a mobile installation are the inconveniences of a shop installation. So what needs to be determined is which one offers the best benefit for you.

Paint Protection film is applied to your vehicle which needs a clean and controlled environment, this minimizes dust and debris particles in the air from settling on the surface post being cleaned and prior to application of the PPF film. This is a tough enough battle in a controlled environment so accomplishing that in unfamiliar surroundings can make providing a quality PPF installation very difficult.

It also needs to be done in a temperature controlled environment. So with a mobile installation controlling the temperature can be challenging. It would require a heated garage that is clean with amply room for installation. I am not sure about your garage but mine doesn't meet half those requirements. If this mobile installation is being done out side your controlled by the season but even on the nicest day your subject to uncontrolled atmosphere. With a shop installation we are able to control those factors and have a fighting chance against the elements with a clean surrounding. .

Electrical plays an important factor for the installation process though it can be done without it again makes the process much easier. We use the electrical for prime lighting, good lighting enables us to see any areas that require attention making the installation quality top notch. We also use a air compressor to blow the already cleaned surface right before we lay the Paint Protection Film down aiding in less dust imperfections under the film. With dust the struggle is real in the cleanest environment keep that in mind with a mobile installation

The other appealing factor to mobile installation is price. Now with little to no overhead that mobile installation should be considerably cheaper not just a bit cheaper in my opinion. Is sacrificing all the pros to a shop insulation for an investment your wanting to last and look amazing worth the small price difference?

Another great plus to a shop installation is having a reputable shop that is there for you to go if you have any questions or concerns about your Paint Protection Film or Warranty.

With all this being said the decision is yours to make I just hope that I have provided some thoughts that will help you make the decision that is best for you.

If your looking for a quality installation and a shop that cares about your investment call Icon Tinting and Graphics or check out our Paint Protection Film coverage options, prices and images on our Paint Protection Film Page.

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