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Calgary Paint Protection apply or not to apply this is the question!

Paint Protection on Porsche 911 by Icon Tinting and Graphics

Calgary Paint Protection Film Professionals

At Icon Tinting and Graphics as Calgary Paint Protection certified installers, we are firm believers in investing in Paint Protection Film. Yes, we install it but this is not the only reason we recommend PPF protection. Our Team at Icon all have a love of vehicles, especially our own this is why we have been in the industry for 13 years. Not one of us is unprotected we all have our vehicles armored with Paint Protection Film.

Myself I am a very loyal to my vehicles so much so that in my years I have only owned three so its important for me to preserve them to make them last. My first was honestly so rusted and barely hanging on it didn't warrant the PPF investment, but my next car was a new Mazda 3 Sport which was well worth it. When I got my first new car Paint Protection Film was just entering the scene and was not as well-known as it is now. I remember doing the standard PPF coverage on it and though that was great and provided the appropriate protection I always regretted not having my rocker panels done. While the rest of my vehicle remained new and pristine my rockers took a beating from the rocks and road debris. It showed me the value of Paint Protection Film. Though I knew it was important I myself didn't fully understand how much until those panels were grated which was a lesson learned. Once our family started to grow I sadly had to say good bye to my little orange Mazda along with my subs and graduated to a vehicle as close to a mom vehicle as I could bare. From this we welcomed a Jeep Grand Cherokee kind of mom vehicle. From the lessons we learned with all our personal vehicles and the necessity of the Paint Protection Film she was protected accordingly so that we may enjoy her for years to come.

I understand if you’re unsure of the benefits of Paint Protection Film that the cost of that investment may seem steep. But if you’re in a Lease, have plans to profit on a resale in the future or just want to preserve your loves beauty, Paint Protection Film is an absolute must have and well worth the cost of the investment. How many customers we have had that have decided to pick up their new vehicle and consider the Paint Protection Film later, it is not long before they're coming back sad to hand over a bottle of touch up paint to try and repair the damage that was caused in such short period of time. We all know how well touch up paint works good from afar but far from good. Once this happens the damage is done and the only way to completely fix it is a paint job which is well over the cost of investing in Paint Protection Film.

So our Team at Icon Tinting and Graphics advises our answer to the question is to APPLY!

To help you understand the benefits of this investment check out our Paint Protection Film Page along with our supplier links below but another way to find out if it’s worth it is to ask around, I bet you know more than a few people who have been protected by Paint Protection Film.



Check out the links to our Paint Protection Film suppliers below.....

Xpel Paint Protection Film

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