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Call your Calgary Paint Protection Film Professionals today!

Check out our Exoshield Protection Film for your windshield and totally covered.

We offer both 3M Pro and Xpel Ultimate Plus Film.

Your vehicle is one of the largest purchases you make, protect that investment with Paint Protection Film from Icon Tinting and Graphics. This clear virtually invisible film protects your vehicles finish from scratches, chips and other damaging elements. It is stain and fade resistant, durable, removes safely and will not damage fully cured paint finishes. 

Whether you own or lease Paint Protection Film is the clear choice to preserving your investment. 

Protection areas to consider...

Rocker Panels against sand and stones kicked up from your tires.

Hood, Fenders, Mirrors and Bumper against flying gravel, bug acid and tar.

Door Handle Cavities and Door edges from rings, keys, belt buckles and purses.

Full Hoods, Trunks and Roofs from bird droppings and tree sap.

Paint Protection Film is low maintenance but we do recommend having it waxed every 1-3 months to help keep the film clean and moisturized. At Icon Tinting and Graphics we can do that for you, drop your beauty off and we will get the Paint Protection Film shined up for you. 

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Icon Tinting and Graphics team are your Calgary Paint Protection Film. We have been serving Calgary and area since 2004. We are a Family Owned and Operated Business that takes great pride in providing exceptional service and quality to our customers. At Icon Tinting and Graphics we are firm believers in the remarkable investment of Paint Protection Film. Aside from being Certified Paint Protection Film installers we are proud supporters of PPF ourselves. Not one of our vehicles is unprotected as we fully recognize its abundant advantages. This premium clear virtually invisible film works its magic on your vehicle everyday. Paint Protection Film creates a barrier between your vehicles painted surface and nasty damaging road debris. PPF is armor for the vehicle protecting your investment for years to come. Paint Protection Film is an top-notch investment to keep your vehicle untainted and preserving its beauty. Paint Protection Film is extremely important to prolong the condition of your vehicles paint and less expensive then having to paint your vehicle to restore its original condition. PPF has become a tremendously important first investment to new car owners that understand its value. There are many options for Paint Protection Film coverage for your vehicle to meet your protection needs and budget. Icon Tinting and Graphics objective is to assist you in establishing your PPF coverage desires. As Calgary Paint Protection Professionals let us aid you in your plan for protection. Call or email us anytime for your Paint Protection Film, Window Tinting and Graphics needs we are happy to help. 

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