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Exoshield Windshield Protection Film

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Discover an Eco-friendly thin layer of technology that can save your windshield from compromising weather and road debris. Exoshield installed by Icon Tinting and Graphics in Calgary can extend the life of your windshield by adding a protective barrier. It is a cost-effective solution to repairs and replacements of your windshield that seem to be inevitable on Calgary roads. Whether you drive a little or a lot, short or long distances on Calgary roads or the highways there is always the chance that mother nature or fellow motorist's will throw something at your vehicle. We already offer protection for your vehicles surface with Paint Protection Film but now we can offer that same protection to your windshield with Exoshield.

resistant to stone chips

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Exoshield is six times more resistant to stone chips than standard automotive glass, which means it can prevent chips from most stones hitting your windshield as fast as 140 km/hr.

uv protection

Your standard windshield only rejects 60-70% of UV radiation, a known skin-cancer risk. Exoshield protects drivers by blocking out 99.95 of harmful skin-cancer causing UV rays.

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developed with the environment in mind

It takes over a million years for glass to degrade in a landfill. With an Exoshield protected windshield you'll be helping to reduce additional landfill waste. 

how it works


Exoshield is applied to the exterior surface of your windshield by our trained professional installers.


Two-Year/50,000KM Warranty

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