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The Struggle is real for Small Businesses and Advertising.

As a small family run business we are no strangers to the struggle of advertising and promoting your services. Every day we battle to be known against large companies, backed with lined pockets enabling them limitless marketing opportunities. With departments centered on just advertising alone these large companies can focus on the issue at hand, but for small business owners who are making it all happen on their own it is much more challenging to find the time let alone the dedicated focus. This can be intimating for a small business to compete against whether you’re an new business or an established business. To make yourself known to potential customers advertising is an extremely important tool in growing your business but it can become very expensive and stressful. With so many options and avenues to consider its over whelming and all these options can just drain your bank account. You need a trusted source to provide you with the right options for you and your business at a respectable cost. The most important rule we have learned over the years is investing more in the right form of advertising to get you more of a return, rather than spreading yourself thin over copious amounts of options. Icon Tinting and Graphics can help you with discussing your needs, goals and finding the most beneficial option for your businesses promotional needs as well as its pocket book. Coming from a team that has been there before we understand the process and what is needed to succeed with promoting your services.

We started out in 2004 just trying to make it and get our name out there. Our quality and service spoke for itself for those that found us, but eventually we came to the realization that in order to find those that were not aware or referred to us we would have to invest in advertising. It was such an immense process we were unaware of where to focus our budget to get the most return. You quickly find that with all these minimum charges for absolutely nothing, a lack of empathy from the supplier you are paying for services that are over charged, don’t have the heart you need and are not focused where your business can benefit the most. We started having to find ways to produce what we needed, how we wanted it and at a lower cost ourselves which resulted in us evolving into graphics. Once we started producing our own stuff it began grabbing the attention of our customers who were also looking for these same services. This moved us in the direction of providing these same services for others but without all those unnecessary charges and with the heart that anyone who cares about their business and customers wants. We started out small helping new businesses with logo design and vehicle decaling. These companies would come back with requests for signage and pintables so we just did what was needed for our customer. This brought us to where we are today providing numerous promotional options. From struggling to provide our own business with what we needed to grow it gave us the knowledge to pass onto new and growing businesses like us.

One thing all small business owners can agree upon is the number of hours you invest into growing your business. You live, eat and breathe your business so having someone help elevate some of that pressure is always welcome. Now add a Team like Icon Tinting and Graphics who cares about what you need and can provide that at an affordable cost it’s the icing on the cake.

Let Icon Tinting and Graphics be your icing and help give you what you need to grow.

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